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Originally Posted by AmazedRink View Post
find online deals for multiple abs blades and get a bulk shipment. they're easy to replace, the best deal is probably like 10 bucks per blade if you get 3 or more.

there is always wear and tear with street hockey, otherwise get a shooting pad to keep your stick intact. might as well go with a plastic ABS blade. I recommend easton's, if you can go to pro hockey life they had them on sale i got 2 for 30.
I strongly advise against the Easton Synergy ABS blades. They split at the bottom and then they suck, similar to what most of the new composite blades would do on a rough surface.

You do want to look for a blade with an ABS core, but it should also either be made with wood or composite. Honestly, the cheaper priced blades are what you need for street hockey. You can still find a lot of Koho and CCM junior blades that are perfect. Some of the old Montreal blades that will work to if you can find them.

Here's a couple of blades that have worked for me:

Once you find the right one for you, buy plenty. They're cheap, probably on their way out, and most importantly you'll go through them quickly if you play often.

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