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[QUOTE=Carey Price;49443717]So you don't see the fact that they can't send him to the AHL at 20 if they feel he needs more seasoning? The Pacioretty example is a good one, he finally developped after they send him down and left him there for a half year.

The KHL doesn't pay a fortune to 17 year olds, they pay the big bucks to guys that can play on the top line. At 17 Grigorenko probably makes as much or more playing for the Remparts than he would in the KHL. However at 20-21-22+ then it becomes an option.

What you seem to be missing here is that a lot of players have bumps in the road in their development and need AHL seasoning but then you lose the player when he bolts.

Burmistrov was drafted early and would have normally been sent back but they kept him I'm sure at least in part for fear of seding him down.[quote]

Same could be said for Yakopov or any other Russian prospect. PK is an example of a player who they kept up in the NHL evethough they could have left him in the AHL. It's possibly to manage a player in the NHL to help them keep developing. Besides, 2 more years in the minors/AHL before bringing him up can still go a long way. A case can be made for either one but I doubt a NHL team won't draft a player for this reason, especially one thats a top 3 talent wise.

On top of that, these players get interviewed and asked these questions before theyre drafted. Teams will ask their willingness to go to the AHL etc or if they're want to go back to Russia. Many players drop because they don't have a willingness to follow what the team wants or if theyre already in Russia. I don't think Grigs falls in this category nor does Yakopov. I also don't think it's fair to paint Grigs with a brush that he's shown on multiple occasions he's not like. He wants to play in the NHL, he's come here, he's learnt the language, he's saying all the right things, I don't really see a reason why you think he's being disingenuous.

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