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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Look, I'm not gonna justify Houle/Tremblay. It was a bad time for the Habs organization some of it was because of those two, some of it wasn't.

But the only reason you can make that statement is because Gainey/Gauthier had Timmins in the organization and he plugged up alot holes those two morons created.

If the Habs had an average Head amateur scout the Gainey/Gauthier era would look just as bad as the Houle/Tremblay era - probably even worse. Gainey/Gauthier gutted this team.

And just in case you're thinking of countering with well they brought Timmins in. They didn't. It was Andre Savard.
There's no way in hell that's true, I hate what Gainey and the Goat did to this team just as much as you do but come on! Houle and Tremblay set this team back for 10 years! Collectively they made some of the worst trades in franchise history and there's no way that this era is worse.

Yes you're right Gainey and the goat had Timmins but if you just look at the track record in trades Houle takes the cake hands down. Gainey made some awful moves but Houle destroyed the franchise.

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