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05-08-2012, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by 11Goat11 View Post
Strongly disagree. As I posted a little earlier, in Niagara Falls we have a large Italian population and we know pizza. We have a lot of small family run places that make Montreal, NY, authentic Italian, and Chicago style. I'd never step foot into a chain place for pizza, just horrible.

We also have another category we call bakery pizza. There are a lot of Italian bakeries, mostly Calabrese owners who make 24 slice trays of pizza and they are very good, homemade sauces, whatever ingredients you want, usually soft thicker crust.

Anyways I'd put our pizzas up against anyones, they are that good.
I've had good pizza outside of New York before, but so far every city I've been to (I've never been to Chicago) it's been the exception, not the rule. There's a few places in Montreal where the Pizza is good, perhaps not great except for one speciality pizza that was amazing, I completely forget what it's called or where it is though.

Usually I'm a proponent of Montreal style anything, give me Montreal style bagels over New York any day. But pizza, no, sorry.

Here in DC it's mostly mediocre at best, a couple decent places. Never had pizza in Niagara.

Outside of North America, besides Italy of course the best pizza I've had is in Buenos Aires, which makes sense when you consider how many Italians are in Argentina. It's a bit like Chicago style though.

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