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05-08-2012, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Yeah, I was right, and I agree. Steeger is streaky, but he's a very good player who also played through an injury. I'm very happy he's here, and I believe he'll be around so long as Tallon wants him to be.

I really like Kuli, think he's a great young D man, but I wouldn't be opposed to moving him an elite forward. Don't expect that, so I expect him to be here next season.

Think the D should be:
Jovo(rather keep Weaver, but we all know Jovo is going nowhere)-Strachan

Weaver is a very steady defenseman, and I think the D will look similar to last season. Wish we could get Erik away from Jovo though. Would love to have him with Soup all season, but Garrison is the better option because of how Campbell can set up his cannon. Erik has a big shot, too, though.

Yes, I expect Garrison to be back next season.

agreed, id like to see him paired with Kuli and maybe a 3rd shutdown pairing of weaver and jovo. 2 veteran older guys together, and you get guds with PMD like Kuli with the ability to open up space for guds to let the slapper go and become more of a weapon.

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