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05-08-2012, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Tintin's Ghost View Post
I agree with your comments. Too bad the mighty student unions brokered that horrible deal with the government. Union dues well spent!

If Quebec students are so upset about how money is spent I suggets they look closely at the CFS and CLASSE. There is a reason that local student unions in BC, Sask and MB held referendums in the last few years to remove the CFS from their campus. The biggest thieves are the 40 year-old "career students" who run the student unions and manipulate their members.
well, I dont know much about the CFS and other students union as I'm not a student (last time : about 30 years ago!) but in this particular case I think people (both students and tax-payers) have to worry about workers union (CSN, FTQ) who were involved in this process...

students made no gains at all in this deal and yet they were "encouraged" to sign it by these experienced union leaders ? looks fishy to me...

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