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05-08-2012, 03:55 PM
retardo montalbon
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It is insane to not be able to process the simple thought that we are a team under this coach who's whole gimmick is attacking at all costs the other teams zone and goalie. at all costs means we do not make efforts to cover our own all. we pinch and attack and everything is geared towards puck possession and offense. we of course apply the standard defensive position when convenient but for a goalie to go from a system where offense was secondary to us takes time. it took time and he did adjust. He has been standing on his head but still letting in goals so because of that he's not getting credit. its either shutout or bust. that is stupid. just stupid. the games could be 8-4 every night with this system because of injuries, youth, etc. but their not. thats what i think is so frustrating for the "Brzbrigade" to understand. its not that complicated. but i know some want it even simpler. we pay goalie lots of money, he stops everything. it doesn't work that way. martin brodeur is considered one of the greatest goalies of all time but his best years were those spent on defensively superior teams. we are no where near something anyone would call defensively superior. Bryzgalov is a great goalie. he has solved our goaltending issues. now we have some "growing" to do as a team. there are a lot of new young players on this team and there are some oldies whose time has come. just pray the kings don't win this year. and we can all celebrate this year as a success.

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