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05-08-2012, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Stugots View Post
I wish Sam and Joe would be a bit more critical at times and call out Ranger players when they make a dumb play. They're afraid of losing their jobs I think. That is why I enjoy listening to Dave Maloney way more: if someone makes a terrible play he won't sugarcoat it.
Actually, it has more to do with how they think the game, in my opinion, than it does them not being hard on the Rangers. For many people, the first thing they see is what their team did. That includes the good, the mediocre and the bad. The way that Sam and Joe both think the game is to look at the good thing that anyone on the ice did on the play. So instead of criticizing the bad play a Ranger made, they talk about the good play the opponent made. I'm actually the same way. So was JD. So is Darren Ingblom.

Olcyzk used to be really annoying with how every single play he would talk about would be someone screwing something up. He's gotten better, but he still leans more on the negative side. I find that style of analysis to be boring. Hockey is about the skill that the players have. I'd rather hear about when they use it than when they don't. I'm not saying they should never talk about the negative, but I am saying that I like hearing a lot less of it.

Lastly, even the best local guys are going to show some amount of bias towards their own team. Local broadcasters who don't root for their own team are very boring. I can only imagine the grin that Joe had on his face out in Phoenix, even though he maintained his professionalism on air.

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