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Originally Posted by AntonCH View Post
This is soo wrong I dont even know where to begin.

There are some fine pizza restaurants that still exist and make Pizza in the style that emerged in the early to mid sixties.

Typically, but not necessarily run by greek restauranteurs. These pizzas used the best ingredients and time was taken in the preparation:

The dough was made by hand several times a week - it was a mid crust - not too thin and not too thick.
The sauce made 1-2 times per week was always pre-cooked in order to get depth of flavor and to cut down on the acidity of the tomato.
The pepperoni usually from new milano was cut at an angle in order to increase surface area. Also it was of higher grade than most of today's pepperoni. (less fat content - didnt leave the pizza as greasy)
the veggies - mushroom and green pepper were fresh never from a can.
The cheese - perhaps the biggest indicator of a proper pizza was always "real" mozzarella typically saputo or tre-stella
today more than half of the pizzas consumed or made with pizza topping. (not real mozz)

Places where you can still get real Montreal style pizza:

Pendeli's (not sure if its still open)
Miss Jean-Talon

to name a few
But sadly, they are a rare breed today indeed.
And again... Luna Pizza on Gouin in Pierrefonds. Saputo, tons of cheese, big pepperoni... the real deal. Plus, it's right across the street from the Twisty Cream.

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