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Originally Posted by Kingbobert View Post
ok so everyone has an idea of what "montreal" and "NYC", etc pizzas are here are a few pics and descriptions from experience (except for italian authentic those are a friends descriptions that lived in italy for 2 years)

Also need to point out that we're not refering to 99 cent pizzas or chain resto pizzas

Montreal style pizza
Couple of things distinguish them.
The pizza sauce usually will have a more anise, fennel sweeter taste.
The pepperoni used is bigger and the coldcut type vs the the smaller spicier type.
All dressed is mushrooms, peppers and pepperoni everywhere.
Alot of time all topings will be under the cheese and in the occasions it's not it's the extras such as meats or veggies.
The crust is neither too thick or too thin.

NYC pizza
Thin crust, often crunchy.
Runny thin sauce. When refering to NYC pizza its mostly cheese or cheese and pepperoni. This is what the teenage mutant ninja turtles eat...but only them. Regular turtles do not like it

Chicago style pizza
Deep dish thick crust, thick layer of toppings and often you'll find sauce on top and in the pizza. Sauce tends be heartier. One slice can be a meal on its own

Traditional "italian" pizza
Dough is more like bread. Usually has more focus on vegetables and less on meat if any. Cheese used depends on region but not usually the stretchy mozzarella.
Solid post.

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