Thread: Post-Game Talk: Capitals @ Rangers ECSF Game 5
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05-08-2012, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Killem Dafoe View Post
To read someone (I don't think it was you but I'm not sure) say things like "where are all the **** talkers now? sure, after we win everyone's happy and not talking so much **** etc.." or "everyone giving up on the Rangers are pathetic" I mean...come on now. Sorry if I rambled there but I agree with you that some people are ridiculous in saying "this is the worst team" and "this is all Hanks fault" (sorry Snowblind) Those comments can get annoying but calling people pathetic and practically making it sound like they're not real fans or ignorant as someone else posted, is just mind boggling.
I said it and I'll say it again if the numbnut, defeatist, weenie Rangers "fans" pull the same crap they pulled in the GDT like they did last night.

You can try and explain your "anger" at the team all you want and try your best to defend the defeatist "fans" all you want. Last night's GDT was pathetic. We were only down 1 goal and everyone was saying stupid crap like "this team sucks," "season's over," and "see ya next year, guys." Again, WE WERE DOWN 1 GOAL and the series WAS tied 2-2. Most ******** garbage I've ever seen from supposed "fans" of a sports team.

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