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Originally Posted by Kingfish79 View Post
We have to have someone to blame.

NJ is playing their system to a tee. That's what they are doing.

I refuse to believe that DB told Martin to not go into the corner to battle for a puck or Malkin to take stupid penalty after stupid penalty. And getting rid of him as some have mentioned would help us how today .... a DB built team under another coach would have growing pains.

The fact is we had MULTIPLE pieces of our team not doing what they should have. DB gets some, the defense gets some, Fleury gets some and for that matter Johnson should as well. And the fact that people are giving Malkin and Crosby a pass confuses me. They weren't the shining light on an otherwise dreadful group .... they contributed to this mess too by NOT contributing.

Which is why I veer more towards the matchup ... the Rangers owned the Flyers this year .... the Flyers owned us .... and we owned the Rangers. We played the Flyers game all year against them instead of playing our own. NJ isn't worried about the extra crap.
So, basically what we've got here is just a situation of pretty much every player ******** the bed. No problem with Bylsma. Players just didn't listen, didn't try hard enough, didn't execute.

You know what, when it's one, two, maybe three players, I can buy it. When it's pretty much everyone, that's where I start to become suspicious. When I see everyone so frequently hopelessly out of position, I begin to wonder if that's because the coach isn't putting them into position to make plays.

But, maybe you're right. Maybe the players should just try harder and do more. Maybe then skating where your coach puts you at a competitive disadvantage won't look so bad.

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