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Originally Posted by JSavoire View Post
One question will be what they do with Gilbert this coming year with their new Draft picks and current roster.

Regarding Gilbert:

Our defense going into next year providing Murphy is returned (in order of age):

Murphy - 93
Fanelli - 93
Iafrate - 94
McEneny - 94
Young - 94
Genovese - 94
Midensky - 94
Gilbert - 95

- Eden - 94 isn't signed and IMO, unless he can get into the top 6 this year, I wouldn't sign him - especially since I hear it'll cost us another pick to do so.
- Trouba - 94, if he reports(fingers crossed), will walk right onto the top pairing with Murphy.
- we didn't draft any d-men in the top half of the draft so don't look for any underage d-men on this team next year.

Spott has gone on record as saying he wants to "go for it" next year. If he is going to do that, he'll likely deal for an OA d-man as we have two OA spots open. I think only once has this team gone without an OA d-man since the DeBoer/Spott regime started and I don't expect Spott to change that stance.

That would have our top six looking like this:

Murphy / OA
Fanelli / Iafrate
Genovese / McEneny

...with Young and Gilbert rounding out the roster. And if Trouba reports, then it'll get even more sticky.

If Spott is going to "go for it" as he says, then he'll have to get a lot better up front. Since we have a lot of depth on the back end, especially offensive d-men, look for at least one if not two young, quality d-men to go the other way in any deal for quality veteran forward(s). The two d-men that may be moved, or at least the ones that every team will be asking for, are McEneny and Gilbert.

Genovese and Young will be kept here since they were mainstays in the lineup throughout most of the playoffs and they are our only young stay-at-home types.

I think if Spott does go for it, then Gilbert may be on the move. If everything falls apart next year, then the Rangers clean house, and Gilbert stays and sees a lot of ice.

Just my view

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