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05-08-2012, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
I'm not going to rain down hate but my rebuttal would be: "take a look at Colin Greening". Guy had 17 goals this year by just being big and a good skater. His hands are hardly NHL calibre and he still managed it. Zibanejad's are from a different galaxy in comparison and he's going to have that same size/speed combo when he fills out.

In all honesty, Zibby has one of the best tool sets I've ever seen on a player his age. You can't teach the things he can do.
Greening had ample opportunitities on the top line this year. Heck Ryan Shannon put up great numbers two years ago when he got top line minuites. Point being, just because you out up some numbers playing top minutes doesn't make you a top 6 guy in my eyes.

Greening is best suited on the 3rd line in Ottawa. In Philly he'd be on the 4th.

Originally Posted by Holdurbreathe View Post
This made me chuckle, the Sens have two prospects that are 21 years old playing right now, one is a Norris candidate and the other has all the signs of being a real stud.

How quickly people forget.
Din't forget those guys at all. Cowen I suppose is still a prospect, but Karlsson is not. To me our back end needs a lot of work, outside of those two we are very old and slow. Phillips is now a bottom pairing guy, Gonchar is barely a 2nd pair guy and he's done here after next season. Kuba who knows if he will be back, but he's 35 and doesn't have much to go.

Our defence is thin imo and to go deep in the playoffs you need solid defence.

Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
How many third liners in the NHL are 6'2 220, skate like him, and shoot like him? The answer is honestly, probably 0. He was described as the most dangerous shooter at the WJC as an 18 year old this year and I would guess the only guy with a more devastating one timer would have been Yakupov. Players with that type of ability rarely remain checkers as they age....especially when he's gonna be as big, and probably skate very much like Michalek.

Logic, not hate. Anything's possible, but it's a bad bet. He was almost kept to play this year and it probably would have been 3rd line.
Not going to argue Mika's skills. Plenty of players have had great skills and haven't become impact.

I don't have a problem if Mika turns out to be like a Schenn in Philly. 2nd/3rd liner. Similar styles of play and scoring potential imo...

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