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05-08-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Really? I've watched Oshie a lot and he just doesn't impress. Ok, so he's a good puck possession guy. We've got three of those centers in Giroux, Couturier and Schenn. Ok, he's versatile in that he can play right wing. Ok, on the Flyers depth chart, that's Jagr, Briere and Voracek. Voracek is a carbon copy Oshie.

What I'm really unimpressed with is that Oshie has the luxury of getting big ice time (19 minutes, 32 seconds a game average). He looks ordinary out there. Simmonds on the other hand has averaged 15 minutes and 55 seconds and has done more with his time than Oshie has. On top of it, Oshie also gets top PP unit time. Simmonds gets 2nd unit PP time.

I know that "goals" don't matter, but Oshie isn't a need here. Simmonds is. The Flyers remove Simmonds and not only are 28 goals gone from the lineup, but so is an imposing 6'3, 200 pound winger. That's much more of a need than Oshie.
It's all a moot argument because there's no way it's happening, but Oshie's about as dynamic a player you can find without calling him a star/superstar. The kid can change games. Simmonds IS getting 1st unit PP time (what Flyers have you been watching the last 3+ months?) and has 11 PP goals (5a), Oshie had 3 (13a). Jake and Oshie are similar players indeed (is that a bad thing? I love Jake almost as much as I love Oshie), but Oshie can lay guys out. He's a total package. He can score, PK, play PP, lay huge hits, play C or W, etc etc. Again, not a need for us, but wouldn't hurt to have him.

Also, Simmonds is no where close to 200lbs.

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