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05-09-2012, 01:00 AM
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Faceoffs have always been incredibly overrated by most fans as well as commentators/analysis. Even the best FO men are barely above a statistical significant difference in efficiency.

The difference between 53% and 47% is what most would consider "a great faceoff man and a not great faceoff man." Yet those two numbers are still extremely close to a coin flip in any situation, and entirely unreliable in clutch moments. When you need to win that draw to tie a game with the extra attacker, your guy winning it is more likely due to the 50/50 nature of winning a faceoff than it is the ~6-7% difference that being a good faceoff man makes. Not to mention faceoffs are very much about supporting cast - wingers tieing each other up, etc. Winning faceoffs with the extra man is often about outworking and out-manning the opposition to gain possession, not the Center's abilities.

You always, always would want a player who is smart positioning, strong on the boards, able to make crisp passes, etc etc than a guy who can win 2-3 more faceoffs over an entire series (~100 draws). Such an overrated ability.

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