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05-09-2012, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by HarlemsFinest View Post
all i read in here was "lots of cheese!!1!11!" you people **** the next 2 days after all the cheese you're eating? i made seriously kickass woodburn cooked pizzas for 7 years, classless north american style to italian gourmet eaten with wine, and good pizza is about balance. dryer vege toppings like green peppers under the cheese, things like olives and artichokes and asparagus should go on top of the cheese + pepperoni/meats on top of the cheese. people don't like a little crispy edge pepperoni or bacon? you like soggy ****? things aren't "drying out", juices are going into the rest of the pizza evenly.

you like the entire toppings to slide off in one nasty piece of **** because it's weighed down with 5 kilograms of cheese? there is a different yet proper way to cook every different pizza. the toppings you are putting on should be dictating the order that you are going to be putting it all together, and cook more evenly and properly.
I've always preferred my pepperoni and bacon on top of the cheese. Although I love a lot of cheese. I've never ordered a pizza from anywhere without asking for extra cheese.

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