Thread: OT: What keeps you going?
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05-09-2012, 01:55 AM
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I really have a lot invested in the Preds as it really hurts when we don't go all the way. But I just take some time away and then fall back in love with the chase next year.

I have Bama as my anchor though I guess. I have to admit though...I was too young to watch the title back in 92 so winning one again in 09 was one of the most amazing things ever. Winning again in 11 was just as awesome if not more awesome. Everyone expected us to beat Texas...this year we were supposed to get slaughtered...and we put a whooping on LSU.

I don't really follow any NBA team or anything and Braves are my MLB team and loved them winning the series but they've just not gotten where they need to be lately. The Preds are definitely the most consistent team in Nashville as far as being in the playoffs...just wish they could finish the season on the highest note of all.

The Titans coming close in 2000 was so heartbreaking but I root for them every single year no matter how good or bad they are.

However, Alabama and the Preds are the only places I've ever had season tickets for.

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