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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
I don't know if I should ask this in here, seeing as how you guys have a lovers quarrel going on in here(seriously).

And you guys are all wrong and biased, and half of what your saying is baseless and inappropriate...

Anyways, Why were guys like Duclair and Frederik Gauthier drafted over DeLuca, if all 3 had strong commitments ?

If I'm correct Gauthier was top 10, and has a rock solid Havard commient, yet he was drafted by Rimouski...

Duclair had an article in the paper where he stated he prefered to go to Boston College, and well everyone says DeLuca Vermont bound, and some of you have backed that up, but others on the board haven't, and have said he will be in the Q ??

I followed the scoutman thread for awhile.. And there was talk of him.. That too was kinda funny, you guys get so serious.

Anyways why wasn't he taken ? Even if he's 100% going there ?
first Duclair and Gauthier are much better hockey players then deluca.

second you are right a team (ideally mine) should have taken a flyer on him in the 5th round last year, it was a low risk high reward situation.

Now it is certain that a team will get him in the later rounds. with the sherbrooke arrival I guess many 50 men lists will have hole and I don't expect many teams to pass in the last rounds as we usually see. I expect them to grab americans/ushl bounded player as guesses.

drafting these has paid off for the sags lately; Leblanc (acquired for basically nothing) and Matteau have been gold.

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