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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Maybe, but I think that factor has to be very far down the list of reasons to keep him. The first priority has to be icing a winning lineup. Maybe it needs to be such a high priority that it precludes all other considerations? If I could use Kaberle's payroll space on a better defenseman than Kaberle (or at least, a better fit to our team needs), then I would want to do that right now, and never mind any consideration of what Kaberle *might* fetch at the trade deadline *if* we're sellers. The team shouldn't be thinking of selling, at all. The goal should be to construct the best 23-player roster we can, full stop.

But who knows if anybody out there would take Kaberle or not. Supposedly the Canes couldn't give him away for free, but instead took what they found as the best "negative value" return they could get in the counter-dump of Spacek. I hope we're not as unlucky as they were... I wouldn't yet take "negative value" back for Kaberle, but I would settle for zero value. During the window from now until all the top-4 UFA defenseman are off the market (or have turned us down).
Before just "dumping him" for small or no return, I'd be sure I can sign an upgrade on defense. I would prefer that slot and cap hit would be for a Jackman or salvador or whatever but if we can't get anybody decent then better off keeping him.

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