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Originally Posted by dereksutton9 View Post
I would look at it the opposite way. Plymouth should be able to snag a USNTDP player every year. They have the greatest natural advantages.

1. Proximity. They are not even 15 min away from the Ice Cube. Hell, players probably don't even have to change school districts in moving to a billet.

2. An American team. With that being said, there is not that fear of sending a child to Canada. As much as people might like to think the world is a more open place, we are talking about a pretty clueless state in the nation of "me". It always amazes me the things I hear in The States.

3. Carolina. The Canes draft a lot of so so Plymouth players and that unique pipeline can easily be spun as deal breaker. Perhaps even written into a contract?

With the issues Merrill was having at Michigan and the fact he was at a Plymouth game, how did Vellucci not seal that deal? That should have been a layup.

So again, from my point of view, Plymouth does have success but yet again, underachieves.
I agree with this but proximity should work in Windsor's favor as well. The Merrill issue goes deeper than just trying to seal the deal. There would have been a lot of problems if he had come to Plymouth. He was very close to getting kicked out of school. He's battling some maturity issues that would be the best way to put it.

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