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05-09-2012, 10:09 AM
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Of course there will be. Just look at all the Swedish players born 90-91.
They are still young but the potential in them is magnificant.
Take Mika Zibanejad; if his curve just keeps going up he'll be huge. Same as for Landeskog, and they are born in 93 and 92.
I doubt any player may get the same status as Forsberg in Sweden. Landeskog has played what, 2 SEL games tops? He is already a major part in Colorado's lineup.
Zibanejad played half a season last year and was required by the Ottawa in september.
My point is, they are on the road to becoming great players in North America, not so much in Swedish relations.
But technical skills and talent; there will absolutely be as good players as Forsberg.
The game develops year by year and the players get better at everything.
Nothing will stay the same, meaning Forsberg won't be the biggest of all time, for all time.

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