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11-24-2003, 02:38 AM
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[QUOTE=ClarkeMustGoDotCom]i'll agree with that, i wouldnt trade Gagne for Comrie.
I just hope Gagne can stay healthy. IF he stays healthy i have no problem with him on this team.
The player i was referring to in my last post was Iginla, yeah he would increase the payroll i know he would, and because of that he isnt coming to Philly.
Just dont accuse me of hating on Gagne. I think he is a fantastic talent that move he made in the Boston game reminded me so much of 2 years ago when he was the talk of the league. He stays healthy he can score 20 plus goals.

Gagne is on track for a 25 goal season and is playing well on a third line. His defensive game is coming out and his future in Philly looks pretty sound. I'm still now sure if he will be the perennial All Star some would have imagined before last year. His name is one most often raised in potential trades on other boards as he is recognized as a player of value. As long as these conditions pertain, you can't think of Gagne as untouchable and it's not merely a matter of people jumping on or off the Gagne bandwagon. When the Flyers are playing strong, you have to really ask yourself why you would want to mess with success. However, find some smaller finesse players like Kapanen and Recchi turning up injured later in the season and you will find talk on this board about trading for 'Flyer-size' forwards and when that discussion takes place, guess who's name will come up again?

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