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05-09-2012, 12:24 PM
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Granqvist and Edlund are the only good when it comes to actually commentate the games, give excitement. Unger like always tries to make it a sport out of sitting silently, Fredriksson puts you to sleep and Perlskog sounds like he would rather be somewhere else.

Sanny has been a breath of fresh air. You can hear that he's a hockey junkie and really likes to talk hockey. He probably knows more about players than the rest of the TV4 crew combined. He's a little rough around the edges as a color analyst, but once he gets more comfortable he'll be really good. Rönnqvist and Johansson are alright, but would be better suited for studio analysis only. Blomsten, how does he still have a job? Boork shouldn't be on TV, period. Find him a job on the radio. And Suzanne Sjögren, please go ask Marie Lehmann for some English lessons and how to interview.

TV4 should've put Wikegård alongside Granqvist for Sweden's games. Made a studio with Jihde, Rönnqvist and Johansson. Tell Jihde to tone down a bit, go back to what made him good in the first place, let the experts take place. Then assign a second commentator pairing of Edlund and Sanny to do the big games not Tre Kronor. Finally, put Perlskog and the rest of the gang to commentate the likes of Italy, France and Kazakhstan.

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