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Originally Posted by dawkins121 View Post
Bryz is not a goalie you can win 4 playoff rounds with. He kept us in it at times during the Devils series but he never won a game for us (in either round. game 6 against Pittsburgh was mostly the defense).

For those of you saying he doesn't need to be Lundqvist or Quick to win with our forwards and our system, well guess what. He's being paid enough for us to expect ELITE level performance no matter what kind of system we use or how our forwards back check or how many turnovers our d-men have.

All of those things have room for improvement obviously but Bryz has brought most of the blame on himself. His five hole has been a gaping tunnel all year, weak shots from the side have consistently found ways to sneak in under his arms, his lateral movement has been so bad that at times he simply looks lazy in net, his awareness on rebounds and missed shots is non existent, and his puck handling has been beyond terrible.

Besides all of those issues with his actual goaltending, his professionalism on and off the ice has made me angry too. Went from the whole 24/7 fiasco with the crazy interviews and telling reporters he was better off benched for the winter classic (at a point when he had been awful all year it was not the best time to be cracking jokes about it) until the Flyers finally muzzled him. At that point he became sullen, sarcastic and moody. Even on the ice he constantly seemed alienated from his teammates and was extremely quick to show his frustration when he wasn't getting enough goal or defensive support, even though he had constantly let the team down throughout the season.

Overall Bryz has looked like a huge mistake and if there is some sort of amnesty clause in the new CBA I wouldn't think twice about getting Bryz out of here. Michael Leighton was awful, much worse than Bryz (most of the time). But even at his ridiculous 2 year extension price he was much better value than Bryz at 5.6 a year for 9 years.
I'm not entirely disagreeing with Bryz, I mean ****ing hell his contract is awful, the guy is a psycho and he's also to blame for his bad season, but when you're last consistent goalie was about 20 years ago, that should pretty much sums up that no matter who you bring in as your goaltender, it won't make a difference if your system is flawed.

Bryz needs to adjust, it's only his first year, he was taken out of a completely defensive system and placed into a completely offensive one, take into account his history and everything did you just simply expect him to just come here and become and become an Elite goalie? Bryz isn't a Elite goalie, he never was, and probably never will be, that much should've been known when they signed him. I don't know why you or anyone else expect someone who never showed signs of being elite or consistency in the playoffs to be paid money and expect suddenly for him to be Lundqvist or Quick.

No matter how much you are getting paid, it doesn't matter, you offer someone this much money, they'll probably take it in a heartbeat regardless if they think they can do it or not, especially if you're offering Bryz double the amount he's worth.

Now that's said, I will give him another season to prove himself. They'll be no excuses next year for his performance.

If you want to blame anyone, you blame the management, they acted in desperation and didn't thoroughly study this guy before brining him in.

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