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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
I said this in the other thread, but I think Staal is traded this summer, likely before the draft (if the Pens get a deal with a top pick involved) or after July 1st if not. I just think he wants to a be a top 2 center somewhere and he knows that will never be here.

Geno has said in the past he doesn't mind playing wing or he'll do whatever is best for the team (and Jordan has too), but at the end of the day, both want to be centers. Jordan knows this is a great team and organization, but they've been bounced from the playoffs the last 3 years early on and he figures there are other great teams that he can be successful with AND can give him the ideal role he is looking for. I don't think it is primarily about money for him (although who doesn't want more?), but about role, opportunity, and the "right fit". So I think he'd be willing to sign with a team before hitting free agency if it's the right situation.

From the Pen's perspective, we all thought this day may come where one of the big 3 wants out for a bigger role, more money, etc. We know we can't afford a 3rd line center at 6 mil. Staal knows this as well. He also knows Geno and Sid aren't likely to take significant discounts to give him the contract he feels he deserves.

I just can't envision a scenario where we keep Staal long term for 5.5 or under. So to me, trading him seems like the most likely scenario.
I think that pretty much summarizes it. Push comes to shove, teams try to acquire him cheap, and Shero will just pay the 6M+ and deal with the cap fallout later. But, like you, I don't think it comes to that. The second Shero says 'I'm willing to listen', it's going to be a feeding frenzy. Forget Anaheim and St Louis and teams like that. You need a partner willing to pay Staal close to, maybe more than, the 7M he'll get as a UFA.

IMO, when the bidding starts and then progresses, Toronto, Minnesota, Carolina, Buffalo, Calgary, and Columbus definitely come to the dance. I could see Nashville, Florida, Winnipeg, and maybe even Montreal inquiring (the Islanders will, but I don't see Staal being moved in the division), where maybe one or two become bidders.

When it's all said and done, those Sutter + 8th overall types of offers, I think Shero will be sitting on 3-4 offers like that (where a team also adds an asset or is willing to take Martin with Staal). It's at that point that I think Shero will make one more squeeze to get one of those teams to pony up one more asset.

When it's all said and done, Staal will return more than Richards and more than Carter (that's how the laws of supply and demand work; the Flyers moved those two in the dark and limited the buyers to make a quick deal . . . Shero will draw it out to squeeze the highest price). It will be the type of return that will make many fans here of the team that gets Staal want to puke.

For the Pens, it will be a gamble, and one, maybe two of the assets COULD disappoint a little. But, that type of return is worth it IF Bylsma uses the acquired assets right and IF he's willing to use Sid and Geno right to offset the loss of Staal.

Originally Posted by JTG View Post
I'm not getting the vibe that Jordan is looking for a bank breaking deal (yet), a bigger role, or anything like that. Maybe he's just saying the right things? I don't know. Or maybe he's really saying how he feels? I mean, he gets the minutes, and with some creativity, he could get the linemates too. I truly believe Jordan when he says things like he is completely happy here.

We'll see how his negotiations go though. I'll also be interested to see how Sid and Geno's contract negotiations go. Do they leave some more money on the table with the stipulation that it goes towards signing Staal? Does Geno switch over to wing to make room in the top 6 for Staal? I mean, none of us know what's going on in the front office or in that locker room.

For Staal, it isn't about getting paid. He's going to make money. It's really about him wanting to make what is the same value as other guys at his skill level, or him hitting free agency and being paid like a top line center.
Mikko Kouvu makes 6.7M per. I'd suspect that Staal's agent is telling him that's the low barometer of his free agent value.

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