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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
What I meant was if Bylsma doesn't demonstrate by about the 50 game mark that his team can play two systems / two styles of game (something they can use in the playoffs) against GOOD teams including and especially Philadelphia... that's basically a sign that not much has changed and that Ray should be calling Larry Robinson. Actually he should be calling him the day after NJ's last game and see if he's interested. I brought him up a long time ago (I think when we were tiring of Therrien) and someone else brought him up recently. If nothing else you know our D won't suck with him as coach.

I'm not. NJ has a good batch of forwards, disciplined D and a goalie who doesn't implode when he lets in a bad goal or two.
I'm pretty sure Robinson doesn't want to be a Head Coach. I was having the talk with a friend of mine the other day how I wanted he and Tochett as assistants with the Pens, and how I was shocked Robinson didn't have a job yet.

He pointed out that he read somewhere that he loves being an assistant and teaching, rather than having to perform the other duties of an HC (talking to media, etc...)

I keep repeating it, but Jesus that was beautiful to watch last night. I mean at no point did I think Philly was going to score a goal in that third period. Every player was at the right spot at every time. On the local Montreal morning show, the host had the Jersey radio play by play man, and he was talking about how EVERYONE is a teacher there: from Robinson to Oates, to Scott Stevens, all the young guys look up to these guys with awe like respect.

Granato and Rierden need to get gone.

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