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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
5-5 this season. 6-6 last post season. 11-11 over the past two years.

The Blues went 4-5 this playoffs. The Hawks are 5-8 over the past two years. The Wings are 8-8 over the last two playoffs. Pitt at 5-8 those last two post seasons. A bit of comparison.
So what you're saying is that Trotz is roughly equally as good in the last 2years as 4 other coaches who didn't win the Stanley Cup? Nice. Well if I concede that as should consider that Trotz is 8-30 in the years prior to that. During that time Pitt, the Hawks, and Wings all won Stanley Cups.

There's a bit of comparison for you.

Originally Posted by transcend View Post
John Tortorella has 33 playoff losses and Lindy Ruff bats .564 in the postseason. What can you do?

Seriously. What coach currently on the market is an improvement over Trotz? Sutter? No, he's awful. Jacques "career .462 winning percentage in the postseason" Martin?
Where is it written that you have to hire an NHL retread? Was Trotz, who you revere so much a retread? By the way, Trotz winning percentage is .317 in the post season, so by comparison Jacques is an upgrade, which is sad.

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