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05-09-2012, 01:34 PM
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To Reimer Haters,

The notion of James Reimer not being a number 1 goalie is nonsensical. You do realize he's 24? He's a young goalie who suffered something called a sophomore slump!! James is 3 years away from entering his prime. Not everyone can be Carey Price. Guys need to develop. Reimers overall numbers are solid for a 24 year old. He wasn't touted in the draft as a pure stud, a blue chip as soon as he enters the league. However, he's a hard working goalie whose dominated at every level prior to the NHL and shown signs of dominance in the NHL. Now, the Leafs fans have unrealistic expectations! You want the youth to play. Yet, you beat them for being inexperienced. Reimer suffered a head injury at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season. Those things aren't easy for a young guy to handle. Patience is a virtue and thankfully Maple Leafs management realize this with goalies. Would it be nice to have Price, Ward, Schneider, Bernier? Yes. May I remind you that not all top echelon goalies come out of the first round. I'm not saying Reimer is going to be that guy but I don't think any of you can say that or you'd all be employed by an NHL team as a top scout. Fact is Burke has the right mentality; Reimer has shown signs of him being a top goalie...however, he's young and could use a support system. Price had Halak, Bryzgalov and Hiller had Giguere, Ward had Gerber & Schneider had Luongo. It helps to have an experienced goalie giving their experience to these young guys. I don't like Luongo as a number 1 on my team but he's no question a top 10 goalie come regular season haha...but I'm sure the pressure Luongo has faced has been a great tool for Schneider in learning how to deal with pressure. Also, place all these young goalies who've looked great such as Schneider, Lindback, Bernier and put them in Toronto where they are in a fish bowl and currently don't have the personale infront to be a strong defensive team and you have UPS and DOWNS. Look for guys with experience to help Reimer who can handle a 50-60 games if he falters. OH and FYI same goes for Steve Mason. You don't give up on goalies when they are young. It can haunt a GM. Look at what Mike Smith has done. He matured and is the reason Phoenix is still in the playoffs. Enough Said.

The guy I'd target if I was Toronto would be Miikka Kiprusoff. The guy has seen it all and is still an excellent goaltender in the NHL. He has 2 years left on his contract and could really mentor Reimer. Now, Burke might go for a guy who plays a similar style to Reimer as Kiprusoff is more of a reflex/acrobatic style goalie, while Reimer is a pure butterfly goalie. Just my opinon

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