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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Actually, I simply pointed out the .500 record in the past two playoffs. 06-07 was the ONE season where we had a good team and underperformed in the playoffs. We gave the eventual Cup champs all they could handle in 09-10, we put up a good fight against the Wings both times we faced them as severe underdogs. .
Sort of how the Yotes were underdogs against us this year? The NHL isn't the NBA, lower seeded teams often beat higher seeded teams. So in any year it's a crapshoot, or at least it should be close to one. The fact that Trotz playoff record is so abysmal is shocking.
Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
I see evidence of progress. Trotz can't make the playoffs to he can't lead this team past the first round to the current refrain of he can't lead the team to the conference finals. Every time the "can't" is proven wrong, the lyrics get a slight change.

03-04 and 07-08 seasons were a first time eek into the playoffs and the year after the fire sale when none of us expected the team to make the playoffs, but, not going deep is the problem when just getting there was over achieving? Absolutely amazing.

The predictions were this season's squad would finish where again? I love how we go from this team is going to suck and miss the playoffs every October/November to why aren't we coasting to the Cup every spring. Such divergent expectations.
Why does Trotz get all this leeway? At this rate, we'll make it to the Western Conference Finals in 2014, the Stanley Cup Finals in 2018, and we'll win it all in 2022. Only 10 more years guys!

Or it could go the other way. And the window that has already been open for longer than usual, closes; and it's 7 more years of misery until we poke our head up again.

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