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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Yeah but when you consider that the Habe have gross revenue of around 200 mil, 5 mil/year is not that big. Plus if as an owner you have confidence that your GM can get you in the playoffs, then that's another 4-15 mil that you may be able to tap into as revenue.
Agreed. It just depends what they want to do next year. Do they want to make a run? Or use this as a transition year and sell some pieces? If their plan isn't to make a cup run, may they want to take the high road and keep "Mr Gomez" one more year, then the next year, buy him out at a much more reasonable rate/time frame. Molson is Mr Good Guy lately (Listening to the fans, Cammy's sweater etc).

What's he getting for his last year? 4.5M ? 2/3 x 4.5M /2y = 1.5M over 2 years, right? That doesn't sound so bad.

On the other hand, if they want to do a 1 year turn around, they may just say "bye-bye", by whatever means necessary.

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