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05-09-2012, 02:27 PM
Chris Cutter
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Step 1: Draft Alex Galchenyuk with the 3rd overall pick, he is a the Best Player Available and he also fulfills a need for a position that we've been lacking since our last Stanley Cup. If he reaches his full potential he'd be the most talented center with size we'd have since Pierre Turgeon and Vincent Damphousse. He has the talent and he's a leader, the only question mark is his knee but he's only 18 years old, his recovery doesn't worry me as much than a 10 year NHL vet injuring his knee.

Step 2: Hire a coach, now this is where it gets tricky. We hired Martin who played a tight checking system when we had a team built on speed and small forwards. I want a coach that exploit our players strenght and build an identity. Now how do we know X coach can bring this element, this is where Bergevin will have to make a wise decision. Personally, Roy is probably my favorite since we learned yesterday that Quenneville isn't available. Coaches like Hartley, Crawford, Therrien haven't had much success in the new NHL and I feel it would be a lateral move (which we did a lot in the Gainey/Gauthier era) to hire any of them.

Step 3: Send Gomez in the minors depending on if Molson truly cares for the team's success or his own revenues. Now some may say that they wouldn't want Gomez near any of our promising prospects in Hamilton, but as far as I know; at least what the media have given to us, Gomez is a great teammate. He's a funny guy and he's appreciated in the dressing room. The Rangers could have also thought the same thing when they sent Wade Redden down to play with their AHL team but I've only heard good things about him being a leader for their youngsters, take McDonagh's interview about Redden helping him with the little things to reach the NHL.

Step 4: Re-sign Carey Price and PK Subban to long-term contracts. Give Subban a 5 to 7 year contract worth an annual cap hit of 4.25 million. PK is obviously a part of our future, even if some people around here dislike him because he shows too much swagger to their liking. Look how important players like Yandle and Doughty are for their respective teams, they have the ability to control the game with their sharp breakout passes and more than respectable defensive play. Subban can be part of that group in a couple of years. As for Price, give him a 6 years contract worth 6.333 millions for annual cap hit. He is our MVP no doubt, we have no game breaker players in our organization (you could argue Pacioretty but I wouldn't he's one) so Price is always going to be the reason if we're competitive or not. And if there's one thing this year's playoffs and last year's have shown us is that you need strong goaltending to make it far. A team like Phoenix with no star power but pure depth have made it this far with solid goaltending.

Step 5: Sign Parise in offseason. Offer him 9 years at 7 million a year. We need to fill the hole that Gauthier created when he traded away Cammalleri. In my opinion, Parise and Plekanec would be a deadly duo to play against because not only can they contribute offensively but they're also speed demons and amazing two way players. With Parise on Plekanec's wing we can have a 1a 1b line. Also for those who say that a top UFA will never sign with a team that finished at the bottom of their conference, it has happened many times just think of Chara and Savard with Boston or Briere with Philly, if the money is there it doesn't matter!

Step 6: Sign Brandon Prust and Paul Gaustad for our 4th line, these two players are players that can piss you the **** off to play against but that you love to have on your team. They're gritty players who hit, play solid hockey and can chip in every now in then. I would sign Prust to a 3 year contract at 1.25 million plus I'm sure he wouldn't mind living in MTL since his GF is from here. As for Gaustad I'd offer him a 2 year contract at 1.75: he's 6'5, right-handed, plays on the PK and averages around 54% on faceoffs; a much better player than Kenopka who people were raving about last year.

Step 7: Re-sign Emelin and Diaz for cheap one way contracts. I find they deserve to play in the NHL based on their performances and can be solid assets moving forward.

Step 8: Re-sign White, Eller, Moen and Geoffrion. Sign White at about the same ammount he signed for last year. Give Geoffrion 500k on a one way contract. I'd personally keep Moen on our team because he brings toughness, contributes in the playoffs and is solid with Pleky on the PK plus he seems to be liked by the guys. 2 years at 1.850. Sign Eller to a 2 year contract at 1.25 million, give him the opportunity to play for a bigger contract and keep progressing.

Step 9: Sign a solid bottom pairing defenseman la Jim Vandermeer or Matt Carkner to play with Emelin and act as mentor. Vandermeer and Carkner would also be an upgrade over Crapoli.

Step 10: Sign a solid AHL vet like Giroux and a ok NHL back-up/good AHL goalie like Sabourin or Caron. I find success in the AHL is always important to have to build some experience for your prospects that will be usefull later on. Look at the team Hamilton had in 2007 when they won the Calder Cup, they had many players who at the time were in the AHL who play in the NHL now. Those teams had solid veterans like Manlow, Locke, etc.

Step 11: Trade Weber for a mid round pick or with a pick to move up at the upcoming draft, I find with Diaz there and Kaberle who are both better puck-moving defensemen (that tend to play on the small side), Weber has become redundant.

My line-up:

Pacioretty - Desharnais - Cole
Parise - Plekanec - Gionta
Bourque - Eller - Moen
Prust - Gaustad - White

Gorges - Subban
Markov - Emelin
Kaberle - Vandermeer/Carkner


Sorry for the long post

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