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05-09-2012, 02:35 PM
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As far as Micheletti being too boring or obvious (or ********?) I think is a function of him working for MSG network. He's not really in the position to bash the team and either is Sam for that matter -- even though Sam has a little more leeway in what he can say considering his tenure with the network. Also understand that MSG wants to promote the team to potential new fans, and you turn people off when all you talk about is stuff those "in the know" would understand. Micheletti definitely can oversimplify sometimes, but he's an emotional guy just like Sam. I think he's smart and knows his hockey -- he just gets overexcited sometimes and blurts stuff out.

Pierre on the other hand is like the opposite. He knows so much that it becomes distracting too. I actually really like him because I'm a hockey nerd, and enjoy his in depth analysis complete with the right jargon and all the background information on players. But at times, (like during games), it distracts me from the action on the ice. He and Eddie or Doc bantering about this and that takes away from the excitement of, say a team scoring a goal...

During intermissions, stoppages, replays, or even in pre/post games I really enjoy what Pierre has to say. It's funny, when he interviews a coach during the game he's breaking down strategy with the coach: "So, coach, I noticed your team utilizing the 1-2-2 late in that period -- did you feel like you needed to protect that lead and not have the D pinch much going into the 3rd?" -- no casual/new fan would understand what the hell that means, but I certainly do and that's why I like him.

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