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05-09-2012, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Stepan Razor View Post
NY has always been a baseball town. I don't disagree there. My point was that when the Knicks are good - basketball takes over this city.

You mention that you hate the NBA. You're not alone in that regard, many people do. However, the reason that the Knicks get so much media coverage is because there is an audience for it, and many people in this city DO NOT hate the NBA. In fact, many New Yorkers downright love it. The casual sports fan is usually an NBA fan, and NY is filled with tons of them!

I realize my position is going to be unpopular on a hockey board, but the reality is that the Knicks garner a ton of notice...WHEN THEY ARE GOOD. And this year, outside of two really difficult stretches in the regular season, the Knicks have been pretty good - especially compared to the Isiah years.

I've been a hockey-first guy all my life and I will continue to be, and I accept that a lot of hockey fans harbor a bit of resentment towards the NBA because it attracts more media attention. What I don't understand is the fan that is in denial of that reality.
I agree with you, the Knicks garner a ton of notice -- even when they ARENT GOOD. But I chalk that up to, the Knicks (like the Rangers) playing during a time of year when there isn't much overlap with the other, more popular sports like baseball and football. From November to early April, there's no baseball. From early-Feb to September, there's no football. Since football is a once a week sport, the media fills the gaps from Wednesday to Saturday during the baseball offseason with NBA coverage and pretty much ignores the NHL.

I don't think it has anything to do with the Knicks being a good team or a bad team and that's what I take exception to. If the Knicks are playing well or there is something newsworthy, then sure let's talk Knicks. But why are the Rangers ignored using the excuse "no one cares about hockey?" This can be in November when both league has "arguably meaningless" games. Yet somehow the Knicks playing the Jazz is somehow more exciting then the Rangers playing Philly or NJD.

I am not in denial of the reality that the NBA is more popular than the NHL. I know this to be true. But I think it is perpetuated by the same people who control the popularity -- like that moron ESPN executive who just had that interview about why ESPN hates hockey -- and the producers of talk radio/editors of sports sections who don't devote the time or space for coverage.

People are spoon-fed their news these days, and that feeds a perception of popularity. But I'd just like to experiment reversing roles for a year and see what happens when hockey gets NBA treatment by the media. Let's see what people think with a year or two of that of which sport is more popular.

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