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05-09-2012, 02:56 PM
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Well, session 2 of my beginner class was last night...

Session 1 last week was, I think its fair to say, an abject failure on my part. There's nothing that'll highlight how out of shape you are than hockey practice. I could hardly participate thanks to my back deciding it had had enough after about 5 minutes. I spent the entire session either hunched over, on my knees, or on the bench watching. Added to that about 75% of the class is WAY more advanced then me it left me dejected and thinking I'd made a huge mistake.

The next day I got up, in a lot of pain, and felt sorry for myself but determined for it to be better next time. I spent the rest of the week working out, running and lifting some weights.

Cut to last night, session 2. It was about 1000% better (no exaggeration!). I kept up with the rest of the group, I participated in all the drills and didn't have to drop to my knees once all session. My back was mostly fine and in the breaks between the drills I had enough time to recover and be ready for the next one. We worked on stopping (I'm good on my left side, okay on my right), cross overs (not good at this, can do it on my left side but I'm useless on my right), forward to backward pivots (actually somewhat easier then I expected) and backwards skating (wow I'm bad at this...), then we ended it with a little shootout. I had a ******* blast! As down as I felt after session 1 is as high as I felt after session 2, it was super awesome. Lot of encouragement from the other guys there too, lots of stick and glove taps all around.

My balance is already getting better, I managed a good hockey stop at least once on both sides and for the first time in my life I managed to do a cross over. My backwards skating needs a lot of work, and I have to work on not losing momentum when I pivot but it feels like it's coming along and I feel awesome today! Actually woke up with a smile on my face.

Only bad part about last night was that after I took my shot in the shootout (didn't score, boo!) I turned to head back to the bench and fell flat on my face . I tried to save myself in the worst possible way and managed to pull an abdominal muscle, hurt like hell last night but isn't feeling too bad today. Should be fine by next weeks session!

Woo! Hockey!

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