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About Yourself
Name: Brian
Age: 35
Location: MI
Origin of Screen Name: My first online screen name ever....thanks AOL

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 28
Current Team: HD Audio/Alchemist Ingots
Current League: Kalamazoo, Mens
Highest Level Played: Midget AA Major
Current Level: Beer League Intermediate/Beer League Novice
Position: Defense mostly
Type of Player: Offensive Defensman
Player You Emulate: Paul Coffey

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer ?
Shoulders: Classic Cooper, Probert style
Elbows: Easton S15
Shins: CCM U+
Gloves: Sherwood 4 Roll
Skates: CCM U+12 and Nike Bauer One55
Stick: CCM Vector 10, Reebok and Easton EQ40

Hobbies: Hockey, Beer
Movies: Top Gun
Music: All
TV: True Blood, Mad Men, Friends
Food: Pizza, Burgers
Drinks: Diet Dew, Miller Lite
Hockey Team: Red Wings
Hockey Player: Lidstrom

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