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05-09-2012, 03:41 PM
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Here's my actual academic question:

I have to make my elective course choice for next semester, as I haven't used up my elective yet. I'm toying between PPA1100 or PPA1111, both at the University of Montreal, both courses I'd consider taking because it could help me if I have kids someday. And, as far as electives are concerned, rather take entry-level ones than advanced electives. OK, I know PPA1100 and PPA1111 have nothing to do with physics or mathematics so I have no clue to what to expect from either one, other than they have elective-eligible status for physics students. However, I know the former is a mandatory course for future elementary-school teachers, the latter is a mandatory course for future special-education teachers. So it begs the following questions:

1. Are these courses (PPA1100 and PPA1111) easy courses?
2. How do they differ from typical physics or mathematics courses? Do they require more work? Or do they just require different kinds of effort from a student (vs. a physics or mathematics course)?
3. Other than schedule considerations, what could help me choose a course over another?

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