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[QUOTE=Punkeater;49491931]This is how I would build the Habs for next season.

Of course it's all hypothetical. UFA'S that I like might not want to sign for Montreal.

Buyout Gomez. He will still count for 3.3 on the cap but you don't want him in Hamilton leading the kids.

Bury Gomez on the farm at 1/2 salary ..he will be claimed somewhere
Trade Weber in the offseason for picks.

Weber is worth a bag of doritos ....see ya later
Re-Sign Moen for 2 Millions/Year. Upgraded from 1.5.

let him go ...30 years old .. White can do his his job cheaper Re-Sign Staubitz for 0.6. He was solid this year for Montreal. He's the perfect tough 4th liner model. He can fight, he can throw a hit. He's seems like a good team player.

Saubitz is ok at 700 k Re-Sign Darche for 0.7. I think as a 4th line winger, he can do the job. Cannot hurt that he's a local guy too.

Darche is a piece of s h i t ...see ya
Re-Sign R.White for 0.7. Can fight, can hit. He's built like a tank and he goes in traffic. Can score the big goal. He's worth it on the 4th line.

White is a keeper
Re-Sign C.Price. Of course I think that he would accept a 6 millions/year contract for 5 years

will be locked up
Re-Sign Subban for 3.5/y for 4 to 5 years approx.

will be locked up Re-Sign Yemelin and Diaz. Emelin for 1.250. Diaz for 0.950.

will be locked up
Signs P-A Parenteau for 3 to 3.5 millions a year. Good 2th line winger. Great passer and he'll give you approx 20 goals a year and he's french so that cannot hurt again.

no way Jose .... no need for another player on the top 6 for now Signs Francis Bouillon to play with Kaberle as the 6th defencement. He's not that tall but he's got big heart and he's built like a tank and is not afraid of physical play. 2 years at 1.3

Cube is a waste of space ...Tinordi should be a third pairing guy not a washed up
37 year old
I would draft Alex Galchenyuk with the 3rd overall pick but I would give him at least another year in juniors since he had that big injury this season.

take the safe pick in Forsberg ... these RUSSIANS have Radulov issues with me
plus ACL surgery is an issue , we cant gamble at # 3
Unless amazing pre season camp. I would let Louis Leblanc plays a leader role in Hamilton to help him develop smoother.

Leblanc either he plays top 6 or trade him , HE IS NOT A BOTTOM 6
what did we draf thim to do play 4th line with junk ?
Trade Pleks while he still has value ,ELLER should be our #2 center

[B]if you take Gachenyuk , agreed leave him in junior one more year , then when ready , start phasing him in BERGEVIN , DO NOT PAY THE MIDGET FOR 4 MORE YEARS , HE IS NOT A FRONT LINER , DONT BE STUPID [/B]
if you use free agency , short term deals ,we have so many fked up contracts we dont need more

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