Thread: GDT: Playoffs, Part Two.
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05-09-2012, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
Both Philly and San Jose's issues aren't that they traded or kept their two core forwards, but that they made several terrible moves around those decisions. Philly signed Bryz and expected Pronger to stay healthy, San Jose got guys like Heatley, Havlat and Burns with the expectation of making them a better playoff team. Also, San Jose has been losing value trades for years. Craig Rivet for Josh Georges. Dumping Ehrhoff for Rob Blake's last year.
my reference is to a GM recognizing early on that certain high end core players aren't going to get it done, and moving on from that. And also recognizing that leaders need to lead by example and moving on from those who don't.

Holmgren made a ballsy ass decision that most GMs would be incapable of making because the moves he made...put his job on the line... and the Flyers are better for it (the Richards and Carter trades)

Continually trying to build around a flawed core and/or poor leadership, usually gets you no where.

Yea, Richards has turned it around since getting the boot... doesn't mean it wasn't the ABSOLUTE right thing to do, at the time, in Philadelphia.

It's year 8 in San Jose, and they are just starting to talk about what they should've done 4 years ago.

Unfortunately, Regier, like most GMs, doesn't have the balls.

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