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Originally Posted by dawkins121 View Post
I'm not happy with them either. In fact a much bigger issue during the Devils series was how our forwards get absolutely lost in their own zone. Giroux can kill penalties but he's one of the laziest back checkers on the team. I read a stat somewhere that Briere's even strength goals against per 60 minutes was above 6. The elephant in the room all playoffs was that Timonen looked pretty mediocre and the fact that he might have been injured isn't an excuse because at his age with the amount of miles on his body he's never going to be completely healthy come playoff time. Lavi was 100% outcoached in the series.

But those things don't bother me as much as Bryz because of the nature of the position. Every team has a forward or two who doesn't exactly bust his ass getting back into the zone, and I can live with that from Briere and Giroux because of what they bring to the table offensively (Simmonds and JVR are another story). Timonen might be a shell of his former self but if he's used in smaller minutes he can still be very effective. Same with Jagr.

But you can't pick and choose the situations in which your goalie is important because he is your last line of defense. Almost everyone that has quoted my posts is completely missing the point.

Is the system part of the problem? Yes, but he has let in inexcusable goals that would look terrible whether he played for the Flyers or the Blues. I don't care if we put 5 forwards on the ice at all time there were a lot of back breaking soft goals he let in over the course of the season that HAD to be stopped.

Is management partly to blame? Yes, Snider needs to be more careful what he wishes for. Flyers went out and got their guy even though their guy wasn't very good.

I'm not here to argue whether he was ever or elite, who's to blame for the signing, or who's to blame for his performance. The fact is his performance has been AWFUL and we can't afford to invest a significant portion of our cap space into a goalie who can't crack the top 20 in the league.

He is a PROBLEM that needs to be addressed somehow. He is not the only problem, but he is by far the biggest. We can win with these forwards. With a few tweaks I think we can with with this defense too. I have no faith that we can win with this goalie though. You can change the system, teach the forwards to back check, rebuild the defense, whatever. But until Bryz shows that he's capable of carrying us through a playoff series without giving up back breaking softies (which almost EVERY stanley cup winning goalie has been called on to do at least once) none of that will matter. You can't completely change your team and try to win IN SPITE of you're 50 million dollar goalie, it's just not a feasible strategy.
Well said, and 100% on the money. I look forward to seeing if BP1974 and/or JXC have a rebuttal for this.

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