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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Dubinsky is physically bigger, Callahan plays bigger. Dubinsky has a longer reach than Callahan on the penalty kill, but Callahan is better positionally, anticipates and reads plays better, blocks shots better, is a better checker, a better pokechecker,

2011-12 Shorthanded time on ice:
Callahan 2nd among forwards, 1:48 per game/Dubinsky 5th among forwards, 1:15 per game.

2010-11 shorthanded time on ice:
Callahan 1st among forwards, 2:13/Dubinsky 2nd, 2:05

There is no argument. You have nothing to back up what is an essentially empty claim. All of the evidence points to Callahan being the team's best forward, not to mention best player other than Lundqvist, last season. As for your claim regarding offense . . .

2010-11 points per game:
Callahan = .8
Dubinsky = .7

2010-11 total power play points:
Callahan = 60 games, 15 PP points
Dubinsky = 77 games, 11 PP points

Callahan has played better every season since they've both been in the league, and no one can argue that, either. Callahan was awarded the captaincy for years of consistently superb play, not just because he was the best player last season. Sticking up for your teammates is great, but is that, good penalty killing, and incredibly inconsistent third-liner production worth a 4.2 mill cap hit? No.

Carl Hagelin was a very important addition, but he essentially replaced Dubinsky's production. He is not a more important addition than Brad Richards. Not even close. Are you really comparing the addition of a rookie complimentary winger to a Conn Smythe winning first line center?

And right now it looks like Dubinsky is the newest addition to the list. BTW, if you could explain how that is false, it'd be great. You still haven't explained the basis for comparison between a one 50 point season 25 year old's RFA contract and a UFA contract signed by 30 year olds with Cup rings and 60-70 point seasons under their belt.

He played on the top line with Jagr because the Rangers were a mediocre team with no depth and no other options. The biggest reason the Rangers were a mediocre bubble team that whole time is precisely because Dubinsky was one of the top 3 forwards; because they didn't have anyone better. He played there by default, not because he was a top line player.

So can plenty of players who don't make 4.2 million a season. He's actually exactly the type of guy you don't build a team with. Consistency is one of the most important ingredients for winning. And since he can hardly ever be counted on for consistent offensive production, one dimensional is actually not such a bad description for him.

He's one of the biggest reasons the team can't score. He couldn't score when there was no help. He can't score now when there is.

Again, this is exactly the problem. Players carrying a 4.2 mill cap hit should not be as inconsistent as he is and has been for most of his career.

"For whatever reason?" There are a multitude of reasons, starting with the fact that there are numerous games throughout all but one season of his career where he is invisible or totally useless offensively.

Dubinsky has never been, is not, and will never be a gamebreaker. 45 point players are not gamebreakers!
I cant argue with someone like you and i wont continue to try. Will agree to strongly disagree and all most of your points. Your points are backwards but to save time i wont break everyone with a complete counter arguement that can be supported at this moment by some who watch the game and who have posted but will show more as time goes on. I will let time dictate your arguments and show the low intelligence of them and how they are simply predictable looking at stats and listening to analysts. Of course they will all say Richards has been the difference, but they dont watch most games like myself or other fans. I also wont make predictions for Dubi points totals or success next year but i will say he will have a good season. Why because he has all the tools to do it. This is half the battle. Hes not Drury in his later years who could barely stickhandle or stand up.

To add to the sadness of your argument you look at a difference of .1 to make a claim of who was the best forward last season. When Dubi was the one creating more offensive zone time to get any points. You cant score if the puck is not gained and controlled. Just stop looking at stats.

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