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About Yourself
Name: Steve
Age: 40
Location: Northern California
Origin of Screen Name: From the movie The Great Santini

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 1
Current Team: N/A
Current League: N/A
Highest Level Played: N/A
Current Level: N/A
Position: whichever, better at D
Type of Player: a very new one
Player You Emulate: I would need more skills to emulate someone

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer something
Shoulders: Reebok 5K
Elbows: Reebok 5K
Shins: Bauer - not sure which ones - cheap ones
Gloves: Bauer - cheap ones
Skates: Reebok 12K - just got them
Stick: Vapor X 6.0 with Backstrom curve + Supreme One20 with Stamkos curve

Hobbies: killing trees
Movies: The Great Escape, Rio Bravo, El Dorado
Music: Soundgarden, Alice in Chains
TV: Top Gear (UK version)
Food: Steak
Drinks: 12 year old Jameson
Hockey Team: Canucks
Hockey Player: My 9 year old son

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