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05-09-2012, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
The biggest factor with winning games isn't a matter of talent or systems, it has to do with whether or not a coach is able to extract 100% effort from his players. For most people whose athletic careers ended with high school football, that usually means having the volume permanently on 11. Going ballistic at the drop of a hat may have value with high schoolers; it has minimal value with professional athletes.
The biggest factor, MB?!

I don't know that I buy this for a minute. If you look at who has won the Cup over the last couple decades, talent plays a crucial part. Did the Rangers win because Mike Keenan was a motivational genius, or because Mark Messier was one of the greatest players of his era? Is Dan Bylsma the next Scotty Bowman or just marginally more competent than his predecessor in picking an appropriate system for two of the great current superstars in the league?

If you were going to ask me to boil down to just one factor what seperates the contenders from the pretenders, it wouldn't be coaching, it'd be chemistry. Something our current GM has never seemed to grasp. Which isn't to so that Arniel wasn't a poor choice who negatively effected our ability to compete. Just saying that Arniel's impact was marginal.

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