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Originally Posted by Ward Cornell View Post
I know what you're saying but IMHO....McEneny > Gilbert > Young > Genovese.
Maybe it's me but Genovese seems to be a deer in a car headlights when he's on the ice. Of all the defencemen I have him at the bottom of depth chart.

I have Genovese in our starting six next year, - not because he is ahead of guys like Gilbert or McEneny in terms of our depth chart, but in terms of this team's need of a couple solid stay at home d-men. He is also the only existing d-man willing to get his "hands dirty", so to speak, with any regularity with the graduation of Cody Sol.

I have him behind Fanelli as far as stay-at-home guys go. He gains a wealth of experience in this post season - especially in the series vs Plymouth. Every shift he and Young had was against quality veteran players. He didn't look so bad and neither did Young either considering they are pretty green. I see Genovese being our "Cody Sol" two years from now.

And as far as depth chart goes, no way Genovese is lower than Young and Midensky. Midensky has shown he has a long way to go to becoming an OHL player. After Melchiori was dealt away, he was exposed and stuggled big time. The best I see him becoming is the next Myles Barbieri - 7th or 8th on the depth chart throughout his career. Hell we have four '94 d-men on the roster and they are all ahead of him IMO (Iafrate, McEneny, and Young). Trouba is a '94 as well.

I'll even go as far as to predict that Mitchell Eden, a third round draft pick to Oshawa, would be ahead of Midensky, an undrafted FA signing, if he were signed. Hey, I'm not hating on Midensky here - just calling it like I see it.

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