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Originally Posted by Lanny View Post
I went and was very disappointed in Conner Burgess. His skating is extremely poor and his positioning was worse. I feel sorry for some kids who deserved to be drafted. I am sorry but Conner does not belong on the ice with these kids. He will be put into a situation where he will fail.
Coner ******* is a project. He is not a strong skater like most first round players are. Maybe it is the fact that he may have not been on the ice for a while, not sure. I just think he will have no impact next year maybe not the year after.
Spicer was a stud. Should easily make the team next year and by Christmas see regular duty on second line.
Vilardi is not a strong skater but is very skilled with the puck. Always looking for a place to move the puck. Held onto it a little long a few times.
Stefan Leblanc will no doubt quarterback the power play one day. He had his head up every time he had the puck. No firing it around the boards.
Austin Veleke who was supposed to be a tough guy, needs some skating and hitting lessons. Would not break an egg shell if he had one under his arm pits.
Evan DeHan was quick a very calm with the quick. Can he withstand the punishment of the OHL?
Mike Sands and Patrick Crampton will give Blaine Smith some options next year as they are close.
Danny Desrochers is ready and did not disappoint.
Only one of the goaltenders looked really bad while the rest looked good especially the kid from Copper Cliff
Interesting read, not surprised to hear about Leblanc, having watched him in the SCTA he was by far one of the best D, very smart, confident and patient player. Connor, I would give him a break, ya, maybe he is was not a third round pick but still watched him in the telus cup and I would say he was one of the best guy on the team...not bad considering he was a year younger. Vilardi will settle in, watched him a few times and he is a very smart player and plays hard. His size will be a challenge but then again many small players become a key part of OHL Teams. DeHann has the potential to be a key player but he needs to put some weight on or will be a defensive liability, great upside offensively however. Copper Cliff goalie is a year away but will be a great tender in the years to come, he kept his AA team in many AAA games with his strong play throughout the year. The other kids I do not know much about. How was their #1 pick, Cummins?

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