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05-09-2012, 07:24 PM
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Downie's Revenge

The anger I feel over this trade just won't go away. Its tainting my ability to think objectively about the offseason.

As much as I hope the Detroit 1st will provide some tangible benefit to our goaltending or defense next year, more and more, I fear it will be the core player for long term futures trade it appears at face value. If we come out of the draft with only our picks made to show I will resent this trade more. If a couple weeks later Downie re-signs for less than $3M per on a multi year deal that resentment will turn to revulsion. If we then end up with some stopgap 2nd tier goal solution paired with Garon my revulsion will turn to rage.

I know there isn't anything to be gained by ranting and raving doom when the returns of the deal are still entirely unresolved. I know I should exhibit more patience and faith in a grander plan taking us toward the promised land. The ghost of this trade just keeps running me into the metaphorical boards every time I try to envision a better tomorrow for this team.

On a somewhat related sidenote, why was Downie traded?

Because Yzerman feared the impending contract more than Downie's worth?
Because Downie couldn't perform off Stamkos' line as well as on it yet Stamkos' line could perform better with someone else in Downie's spot?
Because we really value a late first round pick toward getting us to the consistent winning tradition etc. etc.?
Because some 'kept behind closed doors' private reason we'll never know about?

Just curious about how you guys feel about the "why" of the trade regardless of your thinking on its ultimate results (or lack thereof).

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