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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
while I certainly would prefer the decision to bury him be made prior to July 1st, and that the team used it's cap space as if he weren't going to be on the roster (as other teams have done), as a close second option WS's take is bang on.

while it would limit things this summer a bit by only spending to ~56M$ (+cap increase), short of having a real shot at Parise (or Suter), we should still be able to resign the guys we want, and target a player or two in trade/ufa.

It would also force Bergie to be creative in finding ways to upgrade the roster, a bit of "trial by fire" if you will, and how he manages that will give us a strong early indication of what kind of GM we have on our hands.

the "upside", is that if he doesn't make the team, then we send him to the AHL and have a huge amount of cap space going into the season (which can be useful approaching the deadline, as "budget" teams that are falling out of the playoff race look to save money/unload contracts), and with several big name players tentatively UFA's in 2013, it makes it easier to put together an offer should any of them get put on the trade market (the way Kovalchuk or Hossa have been in the past).

there would have to be a caveat though... he'd have to make the team as a top-9 player (which seems very unlikely), and he'd have to do so in a convincing enough manner to justify sending Leblanc back to the AHL to start the year (or perhaps Bourque, if he struggles badly in camp).
Barring moves on the other burdensome contracts like Kaberle or Bourque, I think $56M pretty much brings back the same roster as last year.

Forwards: About $21M committed to Plek/Gio/Cole/Bourque/Max/DD.
Defense: About $15M committed to Markov/Kabs/Gorges/Weber
Goal: Budaj about $1M, so $37M total, and about $20M more to get to $57M to save room for Gomez.

Price will get $5-6M, PK will get $3M, Emelin/Eller/White let's say $4M for the three of them, so now you have $7-8M to sign a defenseman and four forwards. Not a lot of wiggle room there and barring finding some unknown gem I don't think you'd get much improvement over last year's team.

The only way I see bringing Gomez to camp is that the team is 99% committed to sending him down but have him around b/c they are exploring a trade involving Plekanec, but in that case the team would likely have made a couple of UFA purchases and would come in with a low-60's (non Gomez) payroll knowing they'd be rid of one or the other.

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