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05-09-2012, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by alphafox View Post
I guess I fall somewhere in between Cap'n and Mayor B. I see coaching as the thing you need to win a championship but not the most crucial thing in a team, that as Cap'n said is talent. Case in point the Washington Capitals. The caps would be no where near where they are without Ovie, Backstrom, Semin, Carlson, etc. Without Talent, the Caps, like every other team without premier talent (CBJ, Islanders, Minnesota, Montreal. etc) would be mired at the bottom of the league. Talent is the foundation for a team. But proper coaching is what takes a talented team (Caps under Boudreau) and turns them into a contender (Caps under Hunter) or a champion (Pens under Bylsma). A coach that can get the most out of his team turns that team into something better than the sum of its parts, as we saw with Hitch and the Blues this year. However, the coach can only do so much a good coach can get his team to overachieve, but if the team lacks talent then that over achievement is going to put his team into the middle of the pack not make them a championship caliber team.
It's certainly possible to oversimplify in either direction. I did manage to find the spreadsheet I referred to...I started it so long ago that I only have data compiled up through 2009-10, and don't even have the updated projections for what an expansion team's first three years can be expected to look like. (Eep. I finished that over a full year ago).

In normal life, falling between two opposing viewpoints would be called "the middle ground". But in the world of the internet, you're actually stuck in the crossfire.

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