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11-24-2003, 05:42 AM
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As for the goaltending situation, they will wait until the trade-deadline, Abby will have enough time to play more consistent, then I predict no starting-goalie will be needed. I'd rather think that they will trade for a veteran-insurance-goalie, who could take over in the playoffs if Abby failes.

Now flame me....

the last time that a team won the stanley cup with a 2nd tier goalie was 98-chris osgood/detroit. the last time a team that won the cup with a goalie in his first post season starts was montreal/patrick roy. i can't remember the last time a team won the cup with a veteran-insurance goalie taking over as the #1 guy....can you? the odds are pretty long against colorado winning the stanley cup without a top playoff goalie.
if you really think that david aebischer is the exception to the rule, good luck. if you think that ron tugnutt, jeff hackett or tommy salo is going to carry the 'lanche to a cup, you are just a lost homer.

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