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11-24-2003, 05:44 AM
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Jason LaBarbera request

I know this may seem a little odd - and, no, I'm not related (or I guess that would be my husband's family) to the Jason LaBarbera of the Rangers/Wolfpack but . . . my eleven-year-old son is also named Jason LaBarbera and we're all hockey fans. We live in Houston and attend the Houston Aeros games. It's come to my attention that the Aeros are playing the Wolfpack on January 8 in Houston. What I would love to do, somehow, is be able to get my son, Jason LaBarbera, to take a picture with Jason LaBarbera the goalie. Or maybe an autograph. I don't know. My son is so excited that a real athlete shares his name and has become a long distance fan. He's never had a real interest in football, baseball, swimteam, etc - although he's tried them all, but now hockey is something he has really latched on to and I would like to continue and encourage him. I've tried submitting requests with the Wolfpack contact info from the website but I never have received any responses. I guess I can understand why, in a way. They might think I'm a psycho or something. (Usually I'm not).

I guess I was hoping some of you hockey-knowledgable people might have a suggestion or two.



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